10+ Times Red Velvet And MAMAMOO Were The Cutest BFFs That Will Make Your MamaVelvet Heart Flutter

Irene totally jammed out to their music in #2.

Nothing brings greater joy than seeing the girls of Red Velvet and MAMAMOO display their adorable friendships. Here are 10+ interactions between the groups that will make you a MamaVelvet stan for life.

1. Yeri and Seulgi attended MAMAMOO’s 4Seasons F/W concert.

2. Irene jamming to MAMAMOO’s “Hip” like nobody’s watching.

3. The girls always keep in contact through text.

4. Hwasa and Seulgi’s epic “Bang Bang” collaboration.

5. Another collab with Seulgi, but this time it’s Moonbyul’s “Selfish.”

6. MoonSeul is life.

7. Wheein making Irene laugh is precious.

8. Solar checked in on Wendy after her injury.

9. Solar’s friendship with Irene will make you squeal.


10. Look at how they notice each other across the stage!

11. These girls never pass up the opportunity to greet each other.

12. MamaVelvet is #FriendshipGoals!