Here’s How The Red Velvet Members’ Instagrams Would Look Like If They Were Non-Celebrities

Seulgi = girlfriend material.

A fan recently took to an online community to share edited photographs to show how Red Velvet‘s Instagram feeds would look like if they were non-celebrities! As celebrities, their Instagrams mostly include photographs from behind-the-stage looks as well as photos from schedules. The fan made the feeds based on their different unique vibes. Check them out below.

1. Irene

The very definition of gorgeous! The photos show off her effortless vibe.

2. Yeri

Known as the artsy and indie one in the group, her feed consists of poloaroid film photographs and visits to many museums.

3. Joy

Joy’s feed gives off her special healing and calming vibes. Her feed is a form of therapy in itself!

4. Wendy

The fan was unable to find that many photographs as Wendy did not update her social media often. Even so, the final creation was a masterpiece.

5.  Seulgi

Think of Seulgi’s feed as your virtual girlfriend! From cozy photos to casual moments from dates out together, she has it all.

Which feed is your favorite?

Source: pann

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