Red Velvet Seulgi’s “28 Reasons” Trailer Is Straight Out Of A Horror Film — Here Are 5 Ominous References To Superstitions You Might Have Missed

It’s an undoubtedly spooky concept.

As confirmed by SM Entertainment, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is slated to make her solo debut this upcoming October.

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The idol’s father even endearingly sent a coffee truck to support Seulgi’s filming.

SM Entertainment recently released an “Official Album Trailer” for 28 Reasons to tease her upcoming solo debut. Fans love the cinematic horror trailer and are calling for Seulgi’s acting debut.

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Of course, fans are also already theorizing about the incredibly dark concept. One Twitter user has realized that the short trailer includes multiple dark superstitions leading fans to believe that Seulgi might get possessed by a ghost in 28 Reasons.

1. Cutting your nails at night

This superstition warning against cutting your nails at night likely stemmed from the dangers of trying to cut your nails in the dark with a knife before electricity and nail clippers made the process safer. But the superstition suggests that cutting your nails at night will allow angry or vengeful spirits to enter your body as there are more wandering spirits at nighttime.

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2. Whistling

Another common superstition suggests that if you whistle at night, you will attract wandering ghosts who are more likely to be present and follow you home.

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3. Broken mirror

Mirrors were once believed to have mysterious powers that could be seen as reflecting your soul or, as some Romans believed, were a means for the gods to observe your soul. Thus breaking a mirror was seen as so disrespectful that the gods would punish you with bad luck.

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4. Writing a name in red ink

In many Asian countries, the color red is associated with death, as after death, the person’s name is recorded in red ink to ward off evil spirits. Writing an alive person’s name in red ink is supposed to have the inverse effect, bringing evil spirits, bad luck, and even death to the person.

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5. The number 13

Although this was not necessarily an intentional reference, unlike the rest of the superstitions included in the trailer, some fans noticed that SM Entertainment uploaded the trailer for 28 Reasons on September 13 at midnight. Given that 13 is widely seen as an unlucky number, some fans believe the timing could be playing on yet another superstition.

The trailer for 28 Reasons is a cinematic masterpiece that will allow fans to enjoy speculating about what Seulgi could possibly have in store for her solo debut.

You can read the full thread here.

You can watch the trailer here.

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