Red Velvet’s Seulgi is Fierce On Stage, But These 10 Moments Reveal Her Cutely Chaotic Side

Underneath the chic aura is a clumsy bear.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is one of the most loved idols of the K-Pop industry, mesmerizing everyone with her insane talents as the main dancer and lead vocalist, her visuals that rival an angel’s, and her sweet personality that shines through her honey smile. There’s no doubt that you won’t be able to look away when she’s on stage, but her cutely chaotic nature will have you watching these ten moments on loop.

1. Tipsy Seulgi

There’s nothing more endearing than Seulgi acting cute, and when she’s drunk, her aegyo reaches dangerous levels.


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♬ original sound – 🐻 – 🐻

2. Speaking In Tiny

Considering how worldwide famous “Red Flavor” is, there’s a good chance that these men have heard the song.

3. Elbow Of Destruction

The way she looks straight into the camera afterward makes the ordeal ten times funnier.


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4. Decorating Gone Wrong

There’s no fun in decorating if someone hasn’t dropped something.

5. Brain.exe Has Stopped Working

To be fair, I can’t do math under pressure either.


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6. Her Hips Don’t Lie

There’s no hiding that resounding crack, but speaking from experience, it probably felt really nice.

7. Pose

A super random moment of Seulgi being the epitome of confidence. As she should.


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♬ Tomboy – Destiny Rogers

8. Trying To Break The Fourth Wall

Distance and phone screens won’t stop Seulgi from playing with her fans.

9. The Little Mermaid

It’s totally because of Seulgi’s detail that Irene figured out the answer 😉


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♬ Queendom – Red Velvet

10. Seulgi Embracing Her Bear Identity

She isn’t nicknamed “Teddy Bear Seulgi” for nothing.

Red Velvet