Red Velvet And TWICE Thank Fans For A Great Year Through New Year’s Messages

Happy New Year to the girls!

It has been a year of great accomplishments for K-Pop idols as many have received love and support from fans all around the world. Thanks to the fans, K-Pop has become known worldwide along with the Korean culture. To thank fans for their support this year, various K-Pop idols teamed up with Naver and Dispatch to reveal their New Year messages to fans.


Red Velvet’s Wendy

“Our lovely ReVeluv! Happy New Year! I hope that everyone is happy and healthy in 2020! Let’s only look at nice and pretty things in the New Year and make many memories together. Thank you always. I love you!”





Red Velvet’s Seulgi

“ReVeluvs~! Thank you for making Red Velvet shine in 2019! It’s all thanks to you guys that our 2019 was filled with many great memories. I hope that everyone will only encounter happy things in 2020 and I will be supporting everyone with all my heart. I love you all and let’s all be happy in the New Year!”





TWICE’s Nayeon

“ONCE! There were a lot of events in 2019, right? Even though we want only great and happy things to happen, sometimes it’s hard to do that. But I think we are able to overcome that through the many moments and memories we have with ONCE. I am always thinking of this. Thank you so much to everyone.”





TWICE’s Sana

“There is something that I am curious about from our ONCE. I want to know how your day was and what kind of thoughts and feelings you had today. Everyone did a great job this year! I’m truly thankful for all of you! ONCE! You guys are the most precious to me. Happy New Year!”



Dispatch also stated that many fans were especially touched by Wendy’s hand-drawn card for the fans. We hope that Wendy will get better soon!

Source: vlive
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