Red Velvet’s Wendy Goes Viral For Her “Leaving Work” Fashion — Here Are 25 Of Her Best Looks

Her aesthetic is 😍!

From her bright and kind personality to her undeniable talent, Red Velvet‘s Wendy has it all. Most recently, netizens can’t stop praising her for her flawless fashion sense. On the way home from work every day, Wendy greets fans with her big smile and a super cute outfit. Check out the photos below that everyone is saving to their camera roll for outfit inspiration!

1. She pairs beige pants with a gray blazer for a timeless look.

2. She embodies coziness in her white puffer and fur bag!

3. We’re loving this coat for winter.

4. She keeps her all-black looks fresh in a skater skirt.

5. This simple look consists of a beige button-down, brown corduroys, and a black bag — and it’s all so iconic.

6. This jacket is not a want, but a need!

7. Matching sets are always fun, like this khaki set.

8. Don’t be afraid to go for a bold leather jacket.

9. When in doubt, pile on the neutrals.

10. Pairing a tteokbokki coat over a cute sweater is a recipe for success.

11. Seriously, everything about this casual look is perfect — including the bunny sweater.

12. She adds a pop of color with a green bag to a classic black and white outfit.

13. Wendy proves you can wear overalls as an adult and still look chic.

14. A matching top and cardigan are the perfect match for some denim shorts.

15. Wendy shows us all how to rock a graphic tee!

16. A crocheted top looks fancy when paired with some jeans.

17. She looks stunning light neutrals.

18. She makes baggy jeans more feminine by pairing them with a crop top and pink bag.

19. It’s all in the layers, like this gorgeous jacket.

20. Wendy loves funky looks like this striped sweater and big glasses.

21. A sweater and a skirt can never go wrong.

22. If you love chic and classic outfits, this one is for you!

23. Everyone needs a good staple pea coat, like this cream one.

24. Wendy’s a fashion queen in this matching outfit.

25. Even when she’s casual, she still looks gorgeous.

Source: theqoo

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