Here Are 10 Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Wore Glasses And Looked Like Your School Crush

#4 will seriously make you UwU.

Wendy of Red Velvet is seriously adorable, but somehow she gets even cuter when she throws on a pair of specs! Here are 10 times she put on some glasses and blessed fans with her charming and sweet visuals.

1. Glasses + Beret = 💖.

2. Sexy librarian vibes.

3. The hairpins, her ear piercings, and specs. *chef’s kiss*

4. Warning: Wendy’s overwhelming cuteness may cause heart palpitations.

5. This fur jacket look is iconic.

6. Teeny-tiny circle frames are super flattering.

7. …But heart-shaped specs are just as cute!

8. She rocks them at fansigns.

9. Totally jealous of fans who can look into her bespectacled eyes.

10. Wendy’s visuals are 10/10!


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