Red Velvet’s Wendy Pulls Off This Hairstyle So Well It’s Being Dubbed The ‘Wendy Cut’

This hairstyle was made for Wendy.

Red Velvet Wendy’s go-to hairstyle has become her signature look that fans love! Her hairstyle is an effortless style that anyone can pull off.

Wendy’s hair designer has revealed that officially, this style is called a ‘Sha-ming cut’, but it’s basically a bob hush cut.

As for styling, there isn’t much to do except to tame any ends that are sticking out!

But honestly, you can leave the ends sticking out too for a different look!

What’s great about this cut is that it’s hassle-free and just looks better as your hair grows out!

And honestly, Wendy pulls it off so well.

If you’re up for a change, why don’t you try the ‘Wendy cut’ next time?

Source: theqoo

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