Here Are 10+ Of Red Velvet Wendy’s Prettiest Red Carpet Looks

Look #4 is legendary.

Red Velvet’s Wendy dazzles wherever she goes — but on these days, she slayed the red carpet, too! Check out the 10+ times she became an actual Goddess while posing at events.

1. Wendy showed off her elegant collar bones in this beautiful dress.

2. She looks like a living Barbie doll!

3. This sequin dress is super glam.

4. Not only is she an angel on the inside, but she looks like one on the outside.

5. Vivid colors like bright pink look dazzling on her.

6. She looks royal in this navy blue silk blouse.

7. This preppy look was a cute change of pace.

8. Her smile is so bright, you can’t help but fall for her charms.

9. This feminine lace look does her wonders.

10. She’s so gorgeous, there’s nothing that doesn’t suit her.

11. She keeps it mature and sophisticated in all black.

Red Velvet