Just 20+ Photos Of Red Velvet Looking Angelic In White

They look absolutely stunning.

Red Velvet might actually be angels…and these 20+ photos will totally convince you.

1. Irene is ethereal.

2. Joy’s a feminine beauty in white.

3. Seulgi radiates elegance.

4. Did it hurt when Yeri fell from heaven?

5. Wendy is an angel.

6. White lace does Irene wonders.

7. Even in casual fashion, Joy is stunning.

8. Seulgi is glowing.

9. Yeri’s visuals are striking in white.

10. Wendy’s beautiful smile is so bright.

11. Irene looks so pure!

12. Seulgi’s look is trendy and cute.

13. Even without makeup, Yeri has amazing visuals.

14. Even though we can’t see her face, Joy’s trendy look is adorable!

15. Wendy is a work of art.

16. Seugli’s visuals are refreshing.

17. Irene’s pop of red makes her stand out.

18. “Joy” to the world!

19. Wendy’s cute all-white stage look is pretty and preppy.

20. Yeri makes fans’ hearts burst like nothing else.

21. Which one is the flower?

22. Irene is a human doll.

23. Her pout is cute AF.

24. Seulgi’s slaying.

25. Wendy is adorbs.

26. Irene came to slay.

Red Velvet