Here Are The Top 11 Fashion Tips To Dress Like Red Velvet’s Yeri

Tip #2 will take your fashion from zero to hero.

Red Velvet’s Yeri has an effortlessly chic style when it comes to casual fashion. Take a look at these 11 tips that will get you a little closer to replicating her aesthetic style for yourself!

11. Work with your shape.

Everyone’s body shape is different and the pieces that will work best may differ depending on your shape. Yeri often plays up her legs rather than her upper body.

10. Make a statement with accessories.

Sometimes the finishing touches of an outfit are what really bring it to life. Yeri’s coat and purse spruce up an otherwise simple sweater and jeans.

9. Make one bold piece the focal point.

She lets this striped dress stands out by pairing it with nude heels and a simple purse.

8. Find your go-to look.

Yeri knows circle specs and berets are her thing, so she can easily add them to any outfit that feels a bit lacking. Whether it’s hoop earrings, chunky sneakers, or tons of rings — find what works for you!

7. Don’t be afraid to mix edgy and girly pieces.

A pastel sweater and embellished purse work nicely with some black skinnies and lace-up leather boots.


6. Even mixing casual and chic is fine.

Next time you’re stumped for an outfit, spruce up a basic tee with a structured blazer. You’ll feel stylish but not too overdressed.

5. When in doubt: floral, floral, and more floral.

Yeri rocks the cutest summer dresses for an effortless and breezy vibe.

4. Being comfy > Anything else.

Yeri dressed super cozy but kept it fashionable in her black teddy bear coat and long skirt.

3. Take advantage of graphic tees.

A graphic t-shirt can take any outfit a long way. Wear it under a blazer or tuck it into a skirt — the possibilities are endless!

2. Sometimes being matchy-matchy is pretty cool.

To create a cohesive look, Yeri sported a black leather purse and jacket. Her white shirt and sneakers matched, too!

1. Oversized coats were made for layering.

Hoodies, cardigans, scarves: All of these are the perfect thing to layer with a giant winter coat.



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