Here Are 10+ Of Red Velvet Yeri’s Most Stunning Airport Fashion Outfits

Outfit #5 is a classic.

Red Velvet’s Yeri has a cool and quirky style that matches her personality perfectly! Here are 10+ of her best casual looks that will give you inspiration for your own looks.

1. Trendy Queen

This bucket hat and thigh-high boot combo is something we’ve never seen before…but it works!

2. Preppy Floral

A denim skirt, flowy blouse, and big shades give her an easy-breezy airport look.

3. Shirt Dress

This shirt dress is the perfect polished look for a day out or a work event.

4. Striped Blazer

This statement blazer steals the spotlight.

5. Comfy and Cool

Loose jeans and a leather jacket create the ultimate cool-girl look.

6. Plaid Cape

This cape combined with the fuzzy sweater is the pinnacle of winter fashion.

7. Spring Goddess

A floral mini skirt and block heels are even girlier when paired with a high ponytail.

8. Mixing Textures

A bright yellow sweater mixed with black leather combat boots combines the best of both worlds.

9. Delicate Details

The neck on this dress and the detailing on her purse add just a little oomf to her look!

10. Open Shirt

Wearing a button-up shirt completely open makes it the perfect cover-up in warmer weather.

11. Feminine, yet Tough

When in doubt, pair florals with leather for a well-balanced look.

12. Airport Perfection

This adorable fit will be super comfy on a long plane ride.

13. Pastel Explosion

Her pink hair and bright yellow sweater work well together.

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