Here Are 15 Of Red Velvet Yeri’s Sweetest Stage Outfits

#2 is one of her best looks ever.

Red Velvet’s Yeri has her own unique charm that she shows on stage! Here are 15 of her best stage looks that showed her innocent and girly style.

1. This white blouse and red skirt combination made her super girly — along with her bangs!

2. Nothing is cuter than this summery yellow dress.

3. She amps up the glam with a lace dress and sleek, gorgeous hair.

4. Velvet and fishnets brings out her dramatic side.

5. She has such a refreshing vibe!

6. This outfit is super flattering and totally adorable.

7. Blonde Yeri just hits different.

8. She has such innocent and adorable charms.

9. But she can be seductive when she wants to be!

10. She makes a simple outfit look gorgeous.

11. From the short hair to the lace gloves, she’s the definition of chic!

12. She’s the cutest.

13. She can pull off anything!

14. Such a Goddess.

15. Slay, Yeri!

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