9 Times Red Velvet’s Yeri Radiated CEO Vibes In A Blazer

She looks like a boss in suit #2!

Red Velvet’s Yeri owns the stage the second she puts on a suit or blazer! Check out the 9 times she left fans shook with her mature and classy looks.

1. She looks incredible in a suit!

2. This hair with this blazer is giving major President Yeri vibes.

3. She keeps it chic with her gorgeous earrings and eye makeup.

4. She can also casually rock a blazer at the airport!

5. She slays with this burgundy color.

6. It’s impossible to look at this photoshoot without saying “Yaasss!”

7. She doesn’t need much to look like a queen!

8. Watch her singlehandedly capture fans’ hearts.

9. Vocals + Suit = The definition of power!

Red Velvet