10+ Relatable AF STAY Reactions To Stray Kids’ “CASE 143” Music Video

The song is already on repeat. 🔥

Stray Kids officially released their new eight-track mini-album MAXIDENT, along with a music video for their title track, “CASE 143.”

(From left to right) Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Han, I.N, Felix, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Seungmin, and Changbin | @StrayKidsPosts/Twitter

The colorful, action-packed, and CGI-filled music video had many memorable moments and a lot of details that are easy to miss if you only watch it once.

Here are 14 fan reactions to the “CASE 143” music video that are relatable AF.

1. Han’s iconic intro

2. Living in a reality where Bang Chan’s nose piercing exists

3. The cool rewind transition that also had STAYs momentarily confused

4. Falling for Seungmin’s English lines

5. If you need us, we’ll be listening to Stray Kids on repeat

6. The mesmerizing choreography

7. “Where do I sign up?”

8. 2Min vocals appreciation

9. It’s simply a work of art

10. The adorable Seungmin transition

11. Can’t get enough of the chorus

12. The déjà vu moment

13. References to The Shining just in time for Halloween

14. Felix getting slapped by a roasted chicken

Check out the music video below!

Stray Kids

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