Here Are 20+ ARMY Reactions To “BTS Memories Of 2020” That Are Too Relatable

ARMY “really are the strongest soldiers.”

The highly anticipated BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 has finally arrived, and it’s got hours of never-before-seen content, including lots of behind-the-scenes footage of BTS events and memories from last year. ARMYs are taking to Twitter to share some of their favorite moments from the DVD and photobook as well as their reactions.

Here are 20+ ARMY reactions to BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 that are too relatable…

1. There comes the point when you stop asking questions and just go with it…

2. This is the kind of loving friendship we all strive for

3. The inconsistency of HYBE’s editors though

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Thankfully, someone fixed it…

4. V’s consideration even when playing around

5. Jin’s seriously the best hyung

6. Who else is doing it like Jimin?

7. The video that has changed all of our lives forever

8. When will HYBE do as we asked and just close the gyms already? It’s getting out of control! 😫

9. There are two kinds of ARMYs…

10. Accurate depiction of our social life these days

11. “Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?”

12. “The God of Destruction” was just glad it wasn’t him for once

13. The “other” maknae

14. Opposites attract?

15. BTS clips out of context are wild

16. How to make ARMY cry:

17. Jimin could have been an Olympian

18. Guitarist Suga is everything, honestly

19. Waiting for a new EatJin

20. We don’t always find shadow puppetry entertaining, but when we do…

21. Best word to describe BTS? Art.

22. Exact same energy

23. COOKY’s dad?

24. This unboxing video

25. When you’re broke, but your friends got the hookup

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