Here’s 10+ Relatable ARMY Reactions To Samsung’s “Over The Horizon” Produced By BTS’s Suga

Samsung trusting Suga with essentially their entire brand is a big deal.

BTS stay making history, both together and as individuals. The latest member to be making his own history is Suga as not only a rapper and songwriter but as a producer. He’s known for his genius work, and his most recent project is for Samsung, for which he is also an ambassador as a member of BTS.

BTS’s Suga in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ad. | Samsung

Samsung asked Suga to “reimagine” their iconic trademarked Galaxy sound, “Over the Horizon.” If this wasn’t already a big deal, it’s also the sound’s tenth anniversary this year. It will automatically come with Samsung Galaxy phones, meaning millions of individuals will hear a song produced by Suga!

| @SamsungMobile/Twitter

ARMY has been taking to Twitter to react to the big news from Samsung. Here are 10+ of the most relatable ARMY reactions to Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” produced by Suga…

1. It hits different

2. BTS and Samsung 🤝 Biggest names in Korea

3. Prod. Suga is literally a genius

4. This is more than a big deal… it’s a huge deal

5. Proud is an understatement

6. There’s nothing Prod. Suga can’t do

7. In case you were wondering, this is what heaven sounds like

8. The way Samsung trusts Suga with their entire brand

9. In addition to listening to Suga’s version of “Over the Horizon,” we can listen to Suga talking about producing it all day

10. Samsung users winning today

11. There are a few Apple users who found a loophole

12. Same energy and vibes

13. Seeing “Produced by SUGA of BTS” in a Samsung ad is next level

14. Who else can say they’re both ambassador and a producer for a brand like Suga can?

15. Need more, please

16. Samsung knows ARMY very well

17. At the end of the day, though…

Read more about Suga’s version of “Over the Horizon” and his creative process behind it below:

BTS’s Suga Reimagines Samsung Galaxy’s “Over The Horizon”—Here’s What He Has To Say About The Process

Source: Twitter and Samsung