Koreans Pick The Representative Members Of These 6 Boy Groups

Do you agree?

When a company creates a group, they have to take into account many factors. One of which is which trainee would fit in with the group’s overall image and vibe. While most members will be able to pull of a similar concept and image, there’s always that one stand out member that best represents the group. Here’s the representative members of these 7 boy groups, as chosen by Koreans.

1. NCT 127

Of course leader Taeyong was picked! Not only is he the center of the group, he also is skilled in rap, composing and dance. As an all-rounder who’s also a visual, his ability to pull off any song makes him a representative member. NCT 127’s image is a little experimental and futuristic, while having all the traits of a K-Pop boy group. Perfect for Taeyong!

2. NCT Dream

Netizens were very torn between Mark and Jisung. While Jisung is the “forever maknae” of the group, with his bubbly and boyish image suiting NCT Dream, Mark’s endearing Peter-Parker demeanor screams NCT Dream’s chasing-your-youth-and-dreams type of sound and image.

3. BTS

It’s a no-brainer that leader RM was picked. He practically raised the 6 kids (well, 5 if Jin co-parented them) and takes charge of the group’s producing and composing. His english skills and eloquence also see him as the group’s spokesperson.


Boo-ya! It’s our lovable Boo Seungkwan! Ever the social butterfly, he’s great at getting the group’s name out there. He’s also the most recognizable to the general public after a successful round of stints on various variety shows and magazine covers.

5. TXT

Yeonjun‘s face has it all. A delicate tenderness, boyish charm, sharp handsomeness, a sexy fatality as well as adorable cuteness. No wonder people think of him first when it comes to the group!


It’s none other than Juyeon of course! Fan or not, you’ve probably seen his iconic American football high-teen concept photos. He’s also the most well-known member to the public.

Do you agree with their choices? Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other members fade into the background! Each member is an important and essential part of their group.

Source: pann