Let’s Revisit 5 Female Stars Who Were Meant To Be A Celebrity With Their Unique Casting Stories

Some things are just meant to be for certain people.

We’ve heard the casting stories about all the celebrities in the entertainment world and man, there are some interesting stories. Well, here are 5 female stars who just prove they were meant to be famous with their unique casting stories.

1. Eunji (Apink)

Did you know that Eunji of Apink didn’t originally want to be a K-Pop singer? While she enjoyed singing, she originally wanted to be a vocal trainer and was getting singing lessons at a vocal training school. It was thanks to the vice president of the school that Eunji became the main vocal of Apink. She revealed that she passed the first round and actually auditioned for the second round while she was on the train, on her way to Seoul. It was only one month after that, that she became a member of Apink.

2. Jessica Jung (Former Girls’ Generation)

Next up on the list is former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung. It was back in 2000 when Jessica was just an elementary school student that she was casted by SM Entertainment. She was at the department store with her parents when it happened. The famous story, however, doesn’t end there as everyone knows that it was fellow K-Pop star and sister, f(x)‘s Krystal that the label wanted at first. While the company first wanted Krystal, they noticed Jessica next to her and decided to cast her as well. The rest, as you all know, is history.

3. Sana (TWICE)

TWICE member Sana is also on this list with a unique story! When she was in middle school, she was out shopping with her friends in Osaka when she was casted by JYP Entertainment officials. At the time, Sana was not interested in becoming a celebrity. In an effort to entice her, the JYP officials showed Sana some of the artists that were signed under their company. When she saw that there were artists from Dream High, she agreed to audition as she was a fan of the drama. It was after her successful audition that she moved to South Korea, where she would end up in one of the biggest girl groups the nation has seen.

4. Suzy (Former Miss A)

The idol-turned-actress, Suzy who was formerly a member of JYP girl group, Miss A, also has a unique story. This story is famous within the K-Pop world so naturally, it makes sense that she is on this list! Suzy was at the audition for Mnet‘s audition program, Superstar K2 when she got casted by JYP Entertainment. She was looking for the restrooms when she caught the eye of a JYP official. Right then and there, next to the bathrooms, was where the future “Nation’s First Love” would be accepted into the label. It would only be a little over a year later when she would make her debut in Miss A.

5. Umji (GFRIEND)

Last but definitely not least is the maknae of girl group GFRIEND, Umji. She revealed that she never had the desire to be a K-Pop idol when she was younger. Like the saying goes, however, some things are just meant to be as the GFRIEND member was at her high school’s orientation when she caught the eye of a Source Music Entertainment casting official. After she was casted, she auditioned and passed, leading up to her debut in one of the most iconic girl groups the nation has seen.

Source: Insight