7 Ridiculously Handsome Brothers Of K-Pop Idols Who Would Rule The Runway

These siblings are proof that impressive visuals run in the family!

These seven K-Pop idols have ridiculously handsome brothers who could easily make their debut or rule the runway with their good looks.

1. Ahn Tae Hwan (EXID Hani’s younger brother)

EXID Hani‘s brother, Ahn Tae Hwan, formally introduced himself to fans in 2016. The two appeared on the KBS variety show, We Are Siblings, and Ahn Tae Hwan instantly won over fans with his kind personality and handsome visuals.

Ahn Tae Hwan (left) and EXID’s Hani (right) | @ahnhani_92/Instagram

Ahn Tae Hwan has since debuted as an actor and has appeared in Korean dramas Today’s Webtoon, Ghost Doctor, Penthouse, and more.

2. Kim Jiwoong (Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s older brother)

Girls’ Generation agrees that leader Taeyeon‘s older brother is “very handsome.” Her brother, Kim Jiwoong, is only a year older than Taeyeon, and they have a close bond.

Kim Jiwoong (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (right)

Kim Jiwoong sweetly supported his younger sister and showed off his good looks with a cameo in Taeyeon’s solo debut music video for “I” in 2015.

Kim Jiwoong’s cameo in Taeyeon’s “I” music video

3. Lee Dong and Lee Seung Dong (Sunmi’s younger brothers)

Sunmi has two younger brothers, Lee Dong and Lee Seung Dong, with whom she has a close relationship.

Sunmi with her younger brothers

The two handsome brothers share Sunmi’s model-like proportions and have been featured in a Puma and ELLE photoshoot with their older sister.

Recently, Lee Dong even accompanied Sunmi on her GOOD GIRL GONE MAD world tour as the official photographer!

4. Kim Junghun (BLACKPINK Jisoo’s older brother)

There is no denying the family resemblance between BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and her handsome older brother, Kim Junghun.

Her brother is married with two beautiful children, who he frequently features in a family Instagram account.

Kim Junghun and his wife | @hun_yaaa/Instagram

Kim Junghun (left), BLACKPINK’s Lisa (center), and Kim Junghun’s wife (right)

5. Lee Jung Min (BTOB Minhyuk’s older brother)

BTOB‘s Minhyuk has a handsome older brother who proves good genes run in the family.

Lee Jung Min (also known as James Lee) could almost pass for his brother’s twin and shares his striking good looks and fit physique.

Lee Jung Min (left) and BTOB’s Minhyul (right) | @hutazone/Instagram

| @highvest/Instagram

6. Son Jeong Hun (TWICE Chaeyoung’s younger brother)

TWICE Chaeyoung‘s younger brother Son Jeong Hun has been the ultimate supportive sibling to the TWICE member. His Instagram was reportedly hacked, but before it was deleted, he would post pictures with his sister and her fellow TWICE members. 

Son Jeong Hun and TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung even made sure to attend her younger brother’s graduation in 2017, posting a photo on TWICE’s official Instagram account to celebrate the special occasion.

He is reportedly an aspiring model, and with visuals that resemble his gorgeous sister’s, it shouldn’t be hard for him to pursue that career!

7. Yoo Jun Sun (Oh My Girl YooA’s older brother)

Oh My Girl YooA‘s older brother, Yoo Jun Sun, is a talented dancer and choreographer who recently competed on Street Man Fighter as a member of the dance crew YGX.

He could easily be mistaken as an idol group member with his handsome visuals and fashion-forward style.

Yoo Jun Sun (left) and Oh My Girl’s YooA (right) | @junsunyoo/Instagram

| @junsunyoo/Instagram

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