6 Ridiculously Pretty Sisters Of K-Pop Idols Who Would Rule The Runway

Good looks definitely run in the family!

K-Pop idols are known for having both talents and amazing visuals. Oftentimes, good looks will run K-Pop idols’ families meaning their siblings are just as gorgeous as them!

Here are 6 ridiculously pretty sisters of K-Pop idols who belong on the runway!

1. Park Seo Yeon (TWICE Jihyo’s sister)

Once Netizens discovered photos of Jihyo’s younger sister they were stunned by her incredible visuals. Many compared her looks to fourth-gen idol group NewJeans and even Jihyo’s fellow TWICE member Nayeon.

Park Seo Yeon | Pann Nate

| Pann Nate

| Pann Nate

2. Song Dana (WINNER Mino’s sister)

It was recently announced that WINNER Mino‘s sister, Song Dana, would be appearing on an upcoming dating program and fans were stunned by the former idol’s good looks. Dana originally debuted as a member of New.F.O before the group quietly disbanded in 2012.

Song Dana | @ariell_dana/Instagram

Song Dana | @ariell_dana/Instagram

3. Kim Ji Yoon (BLACKPINK Jisoo’s sister)

BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s older sister, Kim Ji Yoon shows that good looks run in the family and is sure to have passed those on to her two children! She often shares updates and photos on her Instagram account, and sometimes Jisoo shows up!

KIm Ji Yoon and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

| @jiyyoon_s2/Instagram

| @jiyyoon_s2/Instagram

4. Jung Jiwoo (BTS’s J-Hope’s sister)

Fans of BTS‘s J-Hope know that the rapper and singer has a sister named Jung Jiwoo, who is absolutely gorgeous! In 2021, it was announced by CUBE Entertainment that they had signed an exclusive contract with her for her influencer activities. In addition to that, she is also the CEO of AJLOOK, internet shopping mall MEJIWOO, and eyewear brand FUN THE MENTAL.

Jung Jiwoo | @mejiwoo103/Instagram


5. Lea Huening (Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih and TXT Huening Kai’s sister)

The gorgeous sister of Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih and TXT‘s Huening Kai, Lea Huening is a popular Korean influencer. The talented Lea is a former girl group member and has modeled in many photoshoots. She even appeared in GOT7 Youngjae‘s music video for “Sugar.”

Lea Huening (top left) with her siblings and mother. | @leanavvab/Instagram

| @leanavvab/Instagram

| @leanavvab/Instagram

| Hyeonwoo Lee/&ASIAN

6. Park Yoora (EXO Chanyeol’s sister)

Park Yoora, EXO Chanyeol‘s sister, is another gorgeous idol sister. The beautiful news anchor has stunned fans again and again with her good looks, and it is a surprise that she has not appeared on a fashion runway yet!

Park Yoora and EXO’s Chanyeol | @yooranna/Instagram