Koreans Pick Their Top 3 Favorite Visuals In RIIZE—Their Unedited Photos Have Us Falling Hard

Do you agree with their list?

RIIZE is once again going viral! This time, the new SM Entertainment boy group is gaining attention online for their incredible visuals.

Though each of the seven members are gorgeous in their own ways, there are a few that are making a considerable buzz online. According to some Korean netizens, the following are the group’s visual representatives.

1. Wonbin

First up, Wonbin is making the most buzz when it comes to handsome guys in the newest generation of K-Pop. His face is considered striking no matter who is making the judgement.

His symmetrical features, heart shaped lips, and untouchable aura are best emphasized in real life photos.

Netizens agree that he’s “incredibly good looking” and that he “lives up to his name” of someone who is visually attractive just like the actor Won Bin.

2. Eunseok

Eunseok is another RIIZE member who is attracting fans thanks to his good looks. Netizens noticed that he has the type of visuals that the company loves. They commented that he is “legitimately SM-style” and “so handsome.”

He has a manly and fresh appearance that suits his model-like physique, and his photos in real life highlight just how stunning he is up close.

As Koreans would often say as a compliment, “He looks like an actor.”

3. Sungchan

Lastly, Sungchan is another member with classically handsome looks. He has a boyish and innocent face that is contrasted by his tall and muscular frame. His boy-next-door charm and friendly appearance make him well-liked among fans and non-fans alike.

Sungchan has been making waves online with his stunning visuals ever since he first made his debut in NCT U. Now, several years later, he’s only gotten even more good looking!

This is irrefutable especially when seeing his real life photos.

Of course, all members of RIIZE are drop dead gorgeous!

Source: Pann


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