RIIZE’s Wonbin Gets Real About The Pressure He Faces From His Name Alone

It’s THE Wonbin after all.

SM Entertainment’s new boy group RIIZE recently held their debut showcase on September 4, 2023. They wowed fans with their songs “Get A Guitar” and “Memories.”

During the showcase, the boys answered a few questions from the press. A journalist asked visual member Wonbin about his thoughts on sharing the same name as one of South Korea’s most famous actors.

RIIZE’s Wonbin.

Won Bin is the name of one of South Korea’s most handsome actors. His beauty keeps him so relevant that he’s still shooting commercials despite his last acting work being The Man From Nowhere in 2010.

Actor Won Bin.

RIIZE’s Wonbin admitted that he did feel some pressure about sharing the same stage name as the actor.

It’s my real name. Honestly, there’s some parts where I do feel some pressure, but since it is a name that my parents picked out with all their heart, I will be confident and work hard.

— Wonbin

Many fans felt that he definitely had the rights to use that name. He’s just as handsome as the actor Won Bin!

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I’m fascinated how no one here is picking a bone with him. As expected, it’s because he’s handsome.
  • Please have confidence.
  • You have all the right to bear the weight that comes with that name.
  • You have the rights to bear the weight that comes with that crown.
  • You’re good.
  • Have some confidence, for you’re already worthy of that name.
  • Go go.
  • He looks like Rowoon.
  • He sure lives up to the name. I’m curious as to why his parents gave him that name.

The actor Won Bin’s real name is actually Kim Do Jin. However, he has been using the stage name Won Bin for decades. On the other hand, RIIZE’s Wonbin’s real name is Park Wonbin. He decided to go with Wonbin alone for his stage name

Source: Theqoo


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