Here Are The Only 5 Idol Groups To Achieve A “Rookie Grand Slam”

They’re legends.

When a group is able to win the “Rookie of the Year” award at all five major awards shows—consisting of MelOn Music Awards (MMA), Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Golden Disk Awards (GDA), GAON Chart Music Awards, and Seoul Music Awards (SMA)—they can achieve what is known as a “Rookie Grand Slam.” There are few groups who have achieved this great accomplishment since it can only happen in the first year after the group’s debut. Here are the only 5 idol groups who have been crowned as “Grand Slam” Rookies.

1. TXT (2019)


2. ITZY (2019)


3. Wanna One (2017)


4. iKON (2015)


5. SHINee (2008)


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