Royche Releases New BTS x LINE FRIENDS’s BT21 Home Office Products And More—Here’s What You Can Buy

You might actually NEED these.

No one can get enough of BTS and LINE FRIENDSBT21 characters!

One of their latest collaborators is Royche, A Korean retail store. This wouldn’t be their first time either, but their latest releases are cuter (and more practical) than ever. So, whether you technically “need” more BT21 merch or not, you might actually put to good use some of these items.

So, here’s what you can buy…

1. USB Hub

With work, school, and fandom life, we need our elecontric devices charged at all times! So, a USB Hub is incredibly needed. They can be found from international sellers for $54.99 USD.

2. Wireless Earphones

These are part of the Jelly Candy Baby collection. It costs ₩39,900 KRW (about $34.00 USD).

3. Multi-Pairing Wireless Mouse

These mouses have the My Little Buddy designs on them! It costs ₩24,900 KRW (about $21.20 USD).

4. Mousepad

To match your mouse, get the My Little Buddy version of their mousepad! There’s also the Jelly Candy one to choose from. It costs ₩4,900 KRW (about $4.18 USD).

5. Long Mousepad

If a mousepad isn’t quite enough, there is a longer version for both your mouse and keyboard. It costs ₩14,900 KRW (about $12.70 USD).

| Royche & BT21

6. Keyboard

Of course, if you have both the mousepad and mouse, your computer deserves a matching keyboard too! It costs ₩55,900 KRW (about $47.60 USD).

7. Keyboard Wrist Rest

If you work long hours at the computer (or are a gamer), you deserve some extra support! It costs ₩9,900 KRW (about $8.44 USD).

| Royche & BT21

8. Monitor Figures

Working at home can get pretty lonely, so you deserve a friendly co-worker! It costs ₩9,900 KRW (about $8.44 USD).

9. Car Air Fresheners

Wish to take your friend along with you on trips? There’s a car air freshener version! They are also refillable, and the cute characters clip right onto your car’s air vents! It costs ₩13,900 KRW (about $11.80 USD).

| Royche & BT21

10. Mask Chain

If you get tired of putting your mask on and off, a mask chain is exactly what you need for some more convenience. Besides, it comes with a super cute charm of your favorite character! These can even be bought internationally through the LINE FRIENDS online store for just $6.50 USD each.

Look forward to more releases from Royche soon! They also have TinyTAN products.

Source: Royche