BTS’s “Run BTS!” Hiatus Might Be Much Longer Than Expected…And Nobody Is Taking It Well

Here’s why everyone is panicking.

BTS‘s popular variety show Run BTS!, is taking a break, but that break might be much longer than expected.

V on Run BTS! | Run BTS!/Weverse

In a new behind-the-scenes clip, SugaRMJ-Hope, and Jungkook bounced around ideas for future Run BTS! episodes. During this, RM imagined re-introducing himself as “RM, 30,” while Jungkook would be 27 years old.

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Based on RM and Jungkook’s ages, fans fear that Run BTS! could be resting for two whole years! Unsurprisingly, nobody is taking this unconfirmed news well. Here’s how ARMYs are reacting, so far.

1. Say that again?

2. Pain. So much pain…

3. This is so accurate, it hurts.

4. Nobody panic…yet.

5. These aren’t the waterworks we ordered…

6. Trying not to feel sad like:

7. They’ve connected the dots.

8. How old will you be?

9. We’ll wait…impatiently.

10. “2 YEARS” is trending. “I AM SO CONFUSED” could be next.