10+ Moments From “Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode – Next Top Genius” Part 2 That You Need To See

So much bickering in one episode. 😂

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BTS returned for Part 2 of Run BTS! “2023 Special Episode – Next Top Genius.” Last week, they played a series of mind-bending games. This time, their trust in each other was tested. Check out some of the funniest moments below.

1. The camera zooming into Jungkook’s eyes

2. When Jimin mistook his teammate as his enemy

3. Jin knowing RM too well

4. The cutest threat

5. The cutest poker faces

6. Jungkook is us at any party

7. Suga defending himself against Jimin

8. Jin and Jungkook bickering

9. The maknae getting different advice from his hyungs 

10. Jin being tiny

11. Pure and utter chaos

12. V trusting Jungkook

13. The promise of another episode

Check out moments from Part 1 below.

10 Iconic Moments From “Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode” Every ARMY Should See


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