10 Iconic Moments From “Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode” Every ARMY Should See

#3 was savage. 🤣

The BTS members played a series of mind bending games in the latest episode of Run BTS! Check out some of the funniest moments below from the chaotic episode.

1. When V said he was dieting so Jungkook did this

He really tested his willpower.

2. When RM had questionable pronunciation

He exclaimed the number “fifteen” in a way that almost sounded like “f*ck” and shocked the members!

3. When Jungkook suddenly roasted Jin

Once Jin said showering once a week is enough for him, Jungkook compared him to a durian for not smelling good.

4. When Suga rained on Jimin’s parade

No nostalgia goggles here.

5. When J-Hope was instantly proven to be the liar

The members know him so well!

6. When the members questioned how people outside of Korea eat pizza without pickles

Meanwhile, the rest of the world wonders how they eat pizza with pickles!

7. When J-Hope’s ears showed he couldn’t understand the rules

This was too cute!

8. When V and Jimin broke out in a “crying dance”

Dance until you feel better!

9. When RM lost his soul

Jimin questioned everything in this moment.

10. When J-Hope interrupted YouTuber Jimin

He just wanted his pizza!

Check out more from the episode below!

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