7 Times BTS Got Censored On Their Own Show, “Run BTS!”

Jin wrote WHAT?

On BTS‘s chaotic variety show Run BTS!, the members can say and do almost anything they want. In addition to adding snarky captions, sound effects, and animations, the show’s editors also censor BTS now and then. Here are 7 memorable examples!

1. When Jin got bleeped during a word game

In Episode 86, things got a little carried away when Jin showed this written answer.

Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

“He’s crazy,” Suga said as everyone burst out laughing.

The censored word, believed to be 똥 (poop), was bleeped every time BTS said it. Even so, Jin defended his answer to the end!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

2. That time “Father Suga” shot V the middle finger

In Episode 6, BTS’s members confessed to Father Suga during a confessional skit. When Suga forgave V by flipping him the bird, the editors censored it with an emoji.

V and Suga

3. That time the editors selectively censored BTS’s karaoke

When RM rapped “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, the show’s editors switched out “Lose Yourself” with BTS’s “Trivia: Love.”

Were the editors on break when RM and J-Hope rapped Bruno Mars‘ “Finesse (Remix)”?

4. J-Hope’s “original content”

Rather than bleeping J-Hope, the editors tried to pass off this almost-swearing with a similar sound, “OC,” short for “original content.”

5. Jimin’s unstoppable swearing streak

In Episode 136, BTS answered nonsense questions for a quiz show. When quizzed about South Korea’s provincial dialects, Jimin brought up the Jeolla Province’s fantastic swear words.

Jimin | Run BTS!/Weverse

He let loose a string of curses…

| Run BTS!/Weverse

…that the staff bleeped out! After all, there are rules about swearing on air!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Now the real question is, what did Jimin say?

6. “Kate Minslet” is flying, but his nips aren’t.

During one of BTS’s wettest and wildest episodes, Jimin and Jungkook reenacted the famous “I’m flying,” scene from Titanic. Jimin’s white shirt was a little see-through, so the editors slapped on these blushing emojis.

Jimin and Jungkook | Run BTS!/V LIVE

Once again, the editors appeare to be…selective.

7. That time Jin uncensored himself

This censored photo of Jin appeared in an episode of Run BTS! The editors covered up Jin’s not-quite-flattering expression…

| @ErinBrownWrites/Twitter

…but Worldwide Handsome wasn’t having that! He posted the uncensored version online for everyone to see.

| @ErinBrownWrites/Twitter