BTS’s Jin Went Ballistic After Realizing He’d Sabotaged Himself

Jin had one of his most dramatic reactions yet.

BTS‘s Jin has become his own worst enemy!


On October 8, BTS’s variety show, Run BTS!, returned after a two-month break. In Episode 86, the members played whiteboard word games in which they had to answer in pure Korean: no English or other foreign languages.


This was easier said than done. For this question, BTS went in blind; the staff refused to give them multiple choice answers because they believed it would be too easy to guess.


Jin seemed satisfied with his “July” answer…until the other members started changing theirs.


Several members chose to follow in their leader’s footsteps. RM has led BTS to countless victories in life, but this was not one of them.


When Jin found out that his original answer was the right one, he went completely ballistic! He was this close to flipping tables.


V, who had also changed his answer, reacted differently. He was frozen in shock!


Jin fell to his knees, overcome with regret, then got back up and tried to shift the blame to J-Hope.


If only Jin had listened to his instincts!


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