“Run BTS!” Was Censored For The First Time, And It’s All Because Of Jin

Jin’s unexpected answer introduced bleeping to BTS’s variety show.

BTS‘s Jin just made history, but not in a way anyone expected!


On October 8, BTS’s variety show, Run BTS!, returned after a two-month break. When its previous season concluded in August, the gap was temporarily filled with the Bring The Soul docuseries.


In Episode 86, BTS played whiteboard word games, and as usual, things got a little carried away. When Jin showed this written answer, the editors censored it…


…and his members burst out laughing. “He’s crazy,” Suga said.


The censored word, believed to be 똥 (poop), was bleeped out every time BTS said it. Jin’s answer may have been inappropriate, but he defended it to the end!


He’s !@#$ Worldwide Handsome. What he says goes!


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