Here’s 10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 143 That You Need To See

BTS created children’s stories and read them to each other.

In episode 143 of Run BTS!, BTS was quizzed on children’s stories. Afterward, they wrote and illustrated their own after being split into teams.

Here are 10+ moments from the episode that you need to see…

1. These vocalists

2. Writer hard at work

3. Instant serotonin

4. J-Hope reminding everyone BTS is 7

5. Jin is the King of Fairytales


7. “Smooth like butter?” More like melt like butter…

8. These JinKook sequences

9. Jungkook and V listening to Jin’s story together

10. Suga looking so happy while reading the members’ stories

11. Suga’s voice acting

12. This new iconic quote from Suga

Source: VLIVE