Here Are 10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 155 That You Need To See

#8 is too funny for words!

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In the final episode before their variety show’s hiatus, BTS took a trip down memory lane in Run BTS!. From being quizzed on previous episodes to replaying some iconic games, the members made a lot more memories in episode 155.

So, here are 10+ moments, in no particular order, from Run BTS! episode 155 that you need to see…

1. Vmin? We only know Ji-V.

2. Jungkook best boy ever

3. When Jin got mad but it only made him cuter

4. When V got “shot”

5. RM’s biggest fan

6. Jimin’s aegyo works on everyone

7. When J-Hope got surprise-attacked by the water gun

8. They took the 1 butt or 2 debate very seriously

9. Domestic Suga

10. The creator of memes: The Photo Zone game

11. Jimin’s many mics

12. We’re too emo

13. What Suga wants Suga gets

14. This is why he’s the best songwriter

15. Suga was ready to throw hands!

16. How can anyone deny this face?

17. Suga mukbang

18. This is not the end

Source: BTS


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