BTS’s Jungkook Suddenly Left Dinner During “Run BTS!,” But The Reason Why Is So Heartwarming

Jungkook really is the best boy!

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We all know the BTS‘s Jungkook is not only extremely talented…

BTS’s Jungkook performing.

He’s also very hardworking but also thoughtful. So, he often shows his love for others with actions.

Naturally, he helps others whenever they need a helping hand.

They don’t even have to ask him, though. He just does it!

In episode 155 of the group’s variety show Run BTS!, the members enjoyed a well-earned barbecue meal after a day full of activities. Still, even while taking a break, Jungkook went to help someone.

BTS preparing to eat during “Run BTS!” | BTS/VLIVE

While everyone seemed to be enjoying their food, the maknae appeared to be distracted… He’s certainly not one to sit back when he sees something that needs to be done.


So, suddenly, he got up from the table without a word. He then disappeared off into the house.


Shortly after, he returned with slippers in his hands. He made his way over to hand it over to someone behind the cameras.


The members were pleasantly surprised to see that Jungkook had gone off to get the slippers belonging to the show’s director! Due to the busy schedule, the director likely had misplaced them and hadn’t been able to get them in time for the change of location for filming.


While everyone praised him for his thoughtfulness, Jungkook explained that he noticed that the director was standing barefooted outside! So, without a second thought, he went to help him. He’s so selfless.

Our director was standing with his bare feet.

— Jungkook


Jungkook truly is the best boy! He is always so considerate and kind to others.

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