10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Flying Yoga Episode Part 2 That You Need To See

Part 2 is even more chaotic!

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BTS continued to stretch their abilities with flying yoga in part 2 of the special episode of their variety show Run BTS!, as suggested by the maknae Jungkook!

J-Hope (left) and Jungkook (right) | Weverse

Here are 10+ moments from “Fly BTS Fly Part 2” you need to see…

1. He’ll be happy to see this clip!

2. This episode became kind of violent…

3. NamGi are all of us.

4. The soulmates are soulmating.

5. The hyung line’s laughs are contagious.

6. Jin’s out-of-control spinning saga continues

7. BTS’s core strength is unbelievable.

8. J-Hope acting like a proud parent

9. They’re just so majestic.

10. Jin is always the supportive hyung!

11. Suga’s smile instantly makes one’s day better.

12. The leader has to worry about these things!

13. Jin falling asleep is relatable AF.

14. J-Hope’s wink

15. Jimin and Jungkook’s boxing

16. Hope for the fandom

Check out moments from the previous episode below.

10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Flying Yoga Episode Part 1 That You Need To See

Watch Part 2 below.

Source: Run BTS!


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