Korean Netizens Vote On The True Visual Of “Sailor Moon” — Here Are The Final Results

Who did they pick as the prettiest?

It’s time to revisit your childhood! On a recent trending post, Korean netizens voted for the most visually stunning Sailor Guardian from the Japanese manga Sailor Moon. With over 700 votes, here are the rankings!

9. Sailor Pluto — 3 votes

Much like her intense visuals, Sailor Pluto has a distant personality and can be very stern, but can also be quite friendly and helps the Sailor Guardians when she can.


8. Sailor Moon — 10 votes

The main protagonist of the series is the most recognizable with her signature hairstyle and outfit!


7. Sailor Uranus — 17 votes

As the Guardian of Sky and Flight, Sailor Uranus is known for her short hair.


6. Sailor Mercury — 19 votes

As the Guardian of Water and Wisdom, Sailor Mercury’s shy exterior masks a passion for learning and taking care of the people around her.


5. Sailor Jupiter — 23 votes

Sailor Jupiter is the Guardian of Thunder and Courage.


4. Sailor Neptune — 139 votes

Sailor Neptune, Guardian of Ocean and Embrace, is known as an elegant and talented violinist and painter.


3. Sailor Venus — 146 votes

Sailor Venus is the Guardian of Love and Beauty, leading Sailor Moon’s four inner Guardians.


2. Sailor Mars — 157 votes

As the Guardian of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars is very serious and focused.


1. Sailor Saturn — 212 votes

Sailor Saturn is the  Guardian of Silence, Destruction, and Rebirth.


Source: TheQoo