Sakura Cast Herself As The Male Lead In An IZ*ONE Harem Anime

She has a lot of dating options.

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura often responds to fan’s questions in SakuMail. She made fans blush with her descriptions of what her fellow IZ*ONE members would be like if she was a male and they were in high school together. WIZ*ONE are now joking about Sakura and her “harem”.

1. Eunbi

A reliable club president that will approach you when you’re down.

– Sakura

2. Hyewon

Class Madonna. You don’t talk much but sometimes we meet at game centres.

– Sakura

3. Yena

Sits in front of you and messes with you during class.

– Sakura

4. Chaeyeon

A class rep but she’s cute when she fools around.

– Sakura

5. Chaewon

I don’t have the courage to approach her because she’s too cute. But I feel happy whenever our eyes meet.

– Sakura

6. Minju

A library committee member. She’s from a different class but when you go to the library she’ll recommend you books.

– Sakura

7. Honda Hitomi

Hiichan is a year younger. Kkura (Sakura) likes it when she runs around in ponytails.

– Sakura

8. Nako

Lives next door and goes to Kkura’s house for meals.

– Sakura

9. Yuri

Though we are in a different class and year, Kkura likes Yuri who sings and plays the piano in the music room after class.

– Sakura

10. Yujin

Her junior in the club, she has a shocking amount of energy but it’s cute that she doesn’t have energy during exam time.

– Sakura

11. Wonyoung

A student rep that gave the speech at the student entrance ceremony. She’s co cute that she caused a commotion at school.

– Sakura


Source: ToukoZ