7 Ways SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Has Shown His Love For His Members

He’s the most caring leader they could ask for.

K-Pop group leaders play an important role: they support their members through thick and thin, act as a their shoulder to lean on and their constant source of encouragement. While all of SEVENTEEN share an incredible bond, S.Coups goes above and beyond to fill the role of leader and show the members he’s there for them. Here is a handful of subtle ways S.Coups has shown them his love and support.

1. Supporting them even when he’s scared.

When Woozi was visibly nervous to bungee jump during an episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, S.Coups accompanied him up to support him even though he was terrified as well.


2. Doing tasks for them so that they don’t get hurt.

He’s always taking on the more difficult tasks just to make sure his members will be alright.


Even when he has no idea what he’s doing.


3. Always giving them the spotlight.

He always makes sure the other members get a chance to speak, which earned him praise from Super Junior‘s Heechul.

4. Taking pictures like a proud parent.

During the photoshoot for their GOING magazine, S.Coups could be spotted behind photographer The8, taking photos of the members on his own phone as a keepsake.


5. Smiling just by looking at them.

During the live broadcast celebrating their 500 days as a group, S.Coups couldn’t stop smiling.

When asked why, he had a simple response: it was because he was looking at his members.

6. Feeding them secretly because he knows they’re hungry.

On an episode of Weekly Idol, after losing a challenge and therefore not being allowed to eat, Hoshi complained that he was hungry, so S.Coups waited until the hosts were distracted and fed him behind their backs.

7. Making it clear that his members are the most important.

They’re even more important to him than their company.

We all need someone as caring and supporting as S.Coups in our lives! If you want to know more about SEVENTEEN’s leader, here are 6 random facts sure to make you fall in love with him.