6 Random Facts About SEVENTEEN’s Incredible Leader S.Coups That Everyone Should Know

He’s such a talented individual!

As the leader of a group as big as SEVENTEEN, S.Coups has a lot of members to look after and take care of! He manages to do it with an incredible amount of patience, grace, and great leadership, and it’s clear how much the other members look up to him.

He’s also an extremely talented rapper, as leader of the Hip Hop Unit as well. With so many great qualities, S.Coups deserves all the love! Here are 6 facts about SEVENTEEN’s leader that everyone should know.

1. His stage name’s meaning.

S.Coups’ stage name can be broken down into two parts. The “S” part of his name stands for both “Seungcheol” (his real name, Choi Seungcheol) as well as “SEVENTEEN”, which is, of course, the name of his group! The “Coups” part of his name is taken from the term “coup d’état“, which is a phrase used to define a takeover or sudden advantage over a rival/government/etc. So together, his full stage name has the meaning of him and/or SEVENTEEN having success over their rivals! How clever is that?

2. He’s the oldest member of SEVENTEEN, but…

Born on August 18, 1995, S.Coups is 25 years old, and thus the oldest member of SEVENTEEN! He definitely has a mature and leaderly side to him, which is why he’s such a great leader. However, in his family, he’s actually the maknae! He has an older brother and is therefore the youngest in his family.

3. He didn’t dream of being an idol as a kid.

S.Coups didn’t have any plans of being an idol, even up to the day that he was discovered by Pledis Entertainment! In fact, as a young boy, he planned on becoming a gym teacher when he was older. However, when he was in 8th grade, he skipped out on soccer practice and was spontaneously discovered by a staff member of Pledis Entertainment who found him outside of the school.

Though his family was worried it was a scam, his friend convinced him to go to the audition, which he passed and ended up joining the company in 2009.

4. He has a special ring.

All of the leaders of each of SEVENTEEN’s subunits — Hoshi of the Performance Unit, Woozi of the Vocal Unit, and S.Coups of the Hip Hop Unit — have special rings with a star inscribed on the inside. However, since S.Coups is the leader of both the Hip Hop Unit and the entire group, his actually has two stars!

5. He has a beautiful, unique trait.

One of S.Coups’ most noticeable traits are his eyelashes. They’re so long and stunning — in fact, they’re 10mm long, and he can even hold two matchsticks on them! Sadly, he didn’t like this trait as a child and even cut them with scissors! Fortunately though he now seems to accept and appreciate them.

6. He’s muscular and masculine, but…

Despite being a pretty buff, masculine, muscular guy, S.Coups actually might not have the kind of personality that you might expect from someone like that! In fact, he’s known to be the most easily frightened member of SEVENTEEN, which is precious. He’s even had multiple moments where he got frightened by confetti explosions that got turned into memes!

Hopefully you learned something new about this loveable idol leader!


Source: Doyouram


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