Screw Gender Stereotypes—8 Male Idols Whose Favorite Color Is Pink

Colors do *not* have genders!

For decades, pink has been seen as a “feminine” color, and boys who like it have often been teased. But why should gender stereotypes dictate what anyone enjoys? These 8 male idols didn’t let the odd misconception of colors having genders stop them from revealing pink as their favorite.

1. Jin (BTS)

BTS’s Jin’s favorite color is blue as of 2017, but prior to that, pink was his favorite. He became the ultimate pink-lover when he dyed his hair a handsome shade of rose.

2. Taeyong (NCT)

In a video on Sudsapa TV back in 2018, NCT’s Ten thought Taeyong’s favorite color was gold. However, Taeyong revealed that it’s actually pink. He’s another male artist who’s rocked the pink hair look.

3. Chen (EXO)

It seems like many of the male idols who’ve dyed their pink in the past really are big fans of the color. EXO’s Chen told fans about his love for pink way back in his rookie days.

4. Hendery (WayV)

WayV’s Hendery revealed that pink is his favorite color way back in his SMROOKIES introduction. At an event for Skechers, he described the color as youthful and energetic. Some of his Chinese fans even nicknamed him “Pinkery” because of it.


You might have already guessed BIGBANG’s T.O.P has pink as his favorite color given that he also sported pink hair in the past.

6. Sanha (ASTRO)

ASTRO’s Sanha also says his favorite color is pink, which fits pretty well with his soft and pure personality.

7. Inseong (SF9)

At a fansign back in January, someone asked SF9’s Inseong what his favorite colors are. His answers? Black and pink. He said he particularly likes pink hair and wants to try it himself.

8. Shin Dongho (former U-KISS)

Last but not least, Dongho, the former maknae of U-KISS, was known for his love of pink too.

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