10+ Photos That Prove Black Is The Sexiest Color On Red Velvet Seulgi

Careful, Seulgi in black might make your heart stop for a second.

1. Leather Rockstar

Seulgi is absolutely killing it in a black satin button-up and tight, leather pants.


2. Dark Angel

Seulgi is smoldering in this black turtleneck and blazer. Biker gloves and rings are the perfect finishing touches. Her thigh-high boots are too hot not to mention!


3. Seductive Stripes

Seulgi looks sizzling and sophisticated in her black and white striped top paired black heels.


4. Gucci Goddess

Seulgi goes from mere mortal to goddess status in this black Gucci crop-top, thigh-long blazer, and black pants. The black outfit contrasts with her pale skin, drawing attention to her exposed midriff!


5. Black Barbie Girl

More midriff! Seulgi‘s high waisted shorts and peek-a-boo crop top are sexy, yet still totally tasteful.


6. Vampire

Seulgi looks like a luscious vampire aristocrat in this ruffled blouse and black blazer!


7. Suit & Tie

Seulgi can even pull off the androgynous look! She’s breaking hearts in this black suit and tie.


8. Office Glam

This black and white, buttoned blazer makes Seulgi look like she could be the hottest CEO ever!


9. Biker Babe

Leather really suits Seulgi! She’d look amazing riding a motorcycle in this jacket!


10. Gothic Doll

Seulgi combines fishnets and Victorian style in this gothic doll look.

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