7 Times K-Pop Idols Nailed The Vampire Concept This Year

Everyone loves a good vampire concept, and this year K-Pop idols delivered

There have been many trends in K-Pop, some of them more popular than others. Among the things we’ve seen this year, the ‘vampire concept’ seems to have been particularly popular, with groups such as NCT 127 using it as the main concept of the title track from their repackage album, “Favorite.”

‘Vampire’ is a classic concept that is guaranteed to be loved by many fans, so here are all the idols who took advantage of that this year — even if it was just the vampire vibes, so to speak.


1. NCT 127 – “Favorite (Vampire)MV

NCT 127 used the vampire concept in “Favorite” to communicate sentiments of deep, eternal love, giving the concept much more weight than it usually has as a purely aesthetic concept. By drawing a parallel between the concept and the lyrics, NCT 127 has given “Favorite” plenty of emotional heft — even going so far as to make Mark cry while doing the choreography!

“Favorite (Vampire)” MV | SMTOWN/Youtube


2. ATEEZ – “Deja Vu” Halloween Version

For Halloween, ATEEZ blessed fans with a stylized video of their “Deja Vu” choreography that saw them dressed as classic vampires. Yeosang even gave us a dramatic twirl of his Dracula-esque cape mid-choreography.

“Deja Vu” | ATEEZ/Youtube


3. THE BOYZ – “Drink It

THE BOYZ brought their vampire game early to the party in July with their single, “Drink It”. The video sees them take on vampiric superpowers a la Twilight, making for some great visuals!

“Drink It” (Official Music Video Preview) | 1theK/Youtube


4. ONEUS – “Thriller Performance Video

In August, ONEUS released the performance video for their cover of the iconic Michael Jackson song, “Thriller.” Along with the classic orange leather jacket of the original “Thriller” MV, ONEUS wear a pale vampire-like look, before turning into werewolves in black leather.

“Thriller” Performance Video | ONEUS/Youtube


5. MONSTA X – “Kiss or Death”

MONSTA X is one of those groups that seems to have been made for dark concepts. They have successfully pulled off ‘heist’ and ‘killer’ concepts with their “Gambler” and “Love Killa” comebacks respectively, but “Kiss Or Death” aims for a more mysterious, noir vibe. While “Kiss Or Death” does not explicitly show a vampire concept, the style and the effects of the video certainly allude to a supernatural mystery aesthetic that often goes hand-in-hand with the vampire image — with smoky teleportation scenes and immortality and everything. Perhaps MONSTA X should consider fully committing to the vampire concept, as they are an ideal candidate to do it justice!

“Kiss Or Death” (Official Music Video Preview) | 1theK/Youtube


6. Stray Kids Hyunjin – “Play With Fire” Dance Cover

The Stray Kids lead dancer Hyunjin released a stunning dance choreography for the song “Play With Fire” by Western artist Sam Tinnesz and featuring Yacht Money. The video was clearly inspired by a Gothic, 19th century aesthetic which, paired with Hyunjin’s haunting performance and passionate charisma, create the distinct vampire image.

Hyunjin “Play With Fire (ft Yacht Money)” Dance Cover | Stray Kids/Youtube


7. Stray Kids Hyunjin – “Motley Crew” Dance Choreography for Studio Choom

Yes, Hyunjin is on this list twice! While his primary concept for this choreography was ‘mafia,’ the look he wears certainly seems to have a vampire-like influence — with a dark eye-makeup and pale face. He might as well have said he was a vampiric mafioso!

“Motley Crew” Covered by Hyunjin | Studio Choom/Youtube