25+ Images of SEVENTEEN Having So Much Fun At The Beach, You’ll Wish You Were There With Them

Get ready to get your summer on!

In honor of SEVENTEEN‘s latest and already-successful mini-album Heng:garae, we decided it’d be nice to spend a little time at the beach (or by the pool) with them as a way to celebrate. The scenery and the members look so fine, they just might leave you wishing you were there with them.

1. Jeonghan and Hoshi enjoying a barefoot stroll next to crystal blue waters in Dubai.

2. Mingyu looking straight out of Baywatch as he runs along the beach to come steal your heart.

3. Neon-clad ’97 line heading out for some kayaking.

4. Jeonghan and Joshua basking in the seaside breeze.

Photos taken by The8, from Joshua’s official Instagram @joshuahong951230.

5. Jun looking fine in all black and windswept hair.

6. Woozi strolling unbothered down the beach…at that moment at least.

7. Dino waving “hi” and smiling brightly during a self-cam.

8. Wonwoo on horseback at the beach in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

9. Mingyu attempting to do some tumbling and succeeding…kind of.

Photos from Mingyu’s official Instagram @min9yu_k.

10. Jun and The8 getting tossed around in the waves.

11. The8 adorably running to greet you (plus he drew a heart for you!).

Photos taken by The8 from his official Instagram @xuminghao_o. 

12. Wonwoo posing majestically ahead of sandboarding in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

13. Hoshi’s smile looks so bright that it rivals the reflection of the sun on the water.

14. The smiley hip-hop unit draws the SEVENTEEN logo in the sand.

15. Did anyone say synchronized aquatics?

16. Or want to see Seungkwan ballet-spin into the pool?

17. Or see how in sync the members are doing a relay underwater?

18. Peace out with S. Coups and Jeonghan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

19. DK and The8 are all smiles as they dock after kayaking.

20. Any guess who’s the one rocking these awesome pink socks poolside? (hint—he’s a main vocal)

Photo from Seungkwan’s official Instagram @pledis_boos.

21. Vernon looking dapper in a white hat, ripped jeans, and a very Vernon-esque Hawaiian shirt.

22. The members dash across the beach, just like little kids.

23. Here we have Mingyu wearing some colorful swim accessories and posing like…that.

24. Vernon and Jeonghan catch a flying The8.

25. Baby, you are my angel!

26. Joshua’s beautiful handwriting in the sand.

27. The only thing better than this SEVENTEEN at the beach…

28. …is this SEVENTEEN on the beach.

What do you say, Carats? Would you be up for a summery beach vacation with SEVENTEEN?

Source: こん Twitter (@k1cyu8)