10+ Times Each SEVENTEEN Member Had The Most Unreal And Unforgettable Visuals In Their Recent Concert In Manila

#10 though 👀

SEVENTEEN is just as gorgeous in real life as expected, if not more! This was proven to thousands of fans who saw them live in the first and second days of the Manila leg of their Be The Sun world tour.

Check out the following photos and GIFs for proof of this!

1. Wonwoo

First up, Wonwoo was even more charismatic in person.

2. Woozi

Woozi was a master of expressions.

3. Joshua

Joshua was “Very Nice” for sure!

4. Dino

Dino’s smile pierced at everyone’s hearts.

5. DK

DK was the definition of charming.

6 Hoshi

Hoshi made everyone want to keep looking at him.

7. Jeonghan

Jeonghan was undeniably handsome in every angle.

8. Mingyu

No matter how close the camera got to Mingyu’s face, he still looked flawless.

9. The8

Dancing somehow made The8 even more of a heartthrob.

10. S.Coups

Soft looking S.Coups was one for the books.

11. Jun

Jun grabbed everyone’s attention without trying.

12. Seungkwan

Seungkwan effortlessly made sure all eyes were on him.

13. Vernon

And finally, Vernon lived up to his reputation as a top tier visual!

Check out more moments when SEVENTEEN stunned fans with their visuals below.

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