Here’s How Each SEVENTEEN Member Looks Like In Person—Featuring Unedited Shots From Their “Be The Sun” Tour

The duality of #4 though!

SEVENTEEN already looks as handsome as can be on screen, but they’re somehow even more good looking in person! CARATs who had the opportunity to see them live in the ongoing Be The Sun tour can agree.

Check out proof of this below!

1. S.Coups

First up, S.Coups radiates confidence on stage!

2. Mingyu

Being so close to visual king Mingyu is a blessing.

3. Jeonghan

It’s confirmed: Jeonghan is a prince straight from a comic book.

4. Hoshi

Hoshi can make fans go wild with an unexpected abs shot…

and one where he’s playing around.

5. Wonwoo

Seeing Wonwoo up close is a magical experience!

6. DK

DK looks even more stunning in person.

7. The8

Even by just standing still, The8 captures everyone’s attention.

8. Joshua

Joshua was smoking hot in the entire Be The Sun tour so far.

9. Jun

Jun’s physique was like a sculpture come to life.

10. Woozi

Woozi’s swag side came out in full force when performing.

11. Seungkwan

Seungkwan is a total heartthrob for sure.

| @kai_croptop/Twitter

12. Dino

Dino’s smile can light up any room he’s in.

13. Vernon

Last but certainly not the least, Vernon keeps on proving why he’s one of the top visuals in K-Pop.

| @kai_croptop/Twitter

No matter which SEVENTEEN member is in the spotlight, they all look flawless!

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter