These 30+ Gorgeous HD Pictures From SEVENTEEN’s “Rock With You” Stage Prove That They’re A Group Full Of Visuals

How can they all be so talented AND gorgeous?

SEVENTEEN recently had their latest comeback, Attacca, with the title song “Rock With You”, and as always, the talented boy group did not disappoint with their music or stage performances! It’s no surprise that the last couple of years have seen SEVENTEEN really take off in popularity, as it’s long overdue with how talented they are!

Here are 30+ HD pictures from a recent performance of “Rock With You” that showcase just how gorgeous each of the members are along with being so talented. Though Jun and The8 unfortunately are absent for promotions for “Rock With You” due to their being home in China, we can’t forget about them or their stunning visuals either!

1. S.Coups

SEVENTEEN’s leader is looking handsome, healthy, and happy for this comeback, and we all love to see S.Coups doing well!

2. Jeonghan

I think we can all agree that Jeonghan looks almost impossibly beautiful in these images, as if he really was an angel!

3. Joshua

The undercut that Joshua had for this comeback makes him look more mature in the best and most handsome way, and we are living for it!

4. Hoshi

The dance king is looking extra sleek and stylish this comeback, with everything about him as sharp as his jawline!

5. Wonwoo

Wonwoo keeps earning well-deserved praise for how much he’s bulked up over the last couple of years, and it makes him look more confident and powerful overall!

6. Woozi

Woozi was also given a dramatic undercut for this comeback era, and it gives this incredible performer an even more intense presence on stage!

7. DK

Not only does DK have some of the best vocals in his generation of K-Pop, but he has the perfectly handsome features and bright personality to compliment them!

8. Mingyu

As always, SEVENTEEN’s tallest member is impossible to miss on stage, not only for his height, but also for his visuals and dominating presence!

9. Seungkwan

How could anyone resist the beautiful vocals and angelic visuals that Seungkwan provides for fans during live performances?

10. Vernon

As always, Vernon’s unique and gorgeous visuals were a real show-stopper for this performance, and will likely to continue to be in the future!

11. Dino

It’s amazing to see how much SEVENTEEN’s maknae has grown since the group debuted — he’s so mature and handsome now, and the hair style (and lip ring!) he has this comeback suits him incredibly well!

12. More!

Though we miss Jun and The8 so much for these promotions, there’s no denying that SEVENTEEN is still killing it this era!