Here’s A Look At How Fair SEVENTEEN’s Center Distributions Are Over 13 Of Their Singles

The difference between the member with the most center time and the member with the least might surprise you.

We’ve taken a look before at how even the line distributions are among the members of SEVENTEEN, and despite being such a big group with 13 members, their lines aren’t terribly uneven!

Now, however, we’re taking a look at the center distributions, which is how often each member is in the center of the group during their performances for their songs.

Here are the center distributions for 13 of their singles, with each of the graphs below showing the data for each member by percentage of center time. The final graph takes the total of all 13 songs to find the average for each member, so even though the songs might look uneven, you might be surprised by the final result!

1. “Adore U”

2. “Mansae”

3. “Pretty U”

4. “Very Nice”

5. “Clap”

6. “Thanks”

7. “Oh My!”

8. “HIT”

9. “Fear”

10. “Fallin’ Flower”

11. “Left & Right”

12. “24H”

13. “Home;Run”


Most center time: DK (10.3%)

2nd: Hoshi (9.4%)

3rd: Seungkwan (9.2%)

4th: Jeonghan (8.7%)

5th: Woozi (8.4%)

6th: Wonwoo (7.9%)

7th: Mingyu (7.5%)

8th: Joshua (6.9%)

9th: The8 (6.6%)

10th: S.Coups & Jun (6.4%)

11th: Vernon (6.2%)

12th: Dino (6.1%)