10 Times SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Was The Definition Of “Duality”

#3 sums him up perfectly.

One of SEVENTEEN Hoshi‘s greatest charms is his insane duality. Offstage, he’s giggly, hyper, and totally adorable. On stage, however, he instantly focuses and shows his passion — it’s super sexy. Take a look at these 10 times Hoshi showed both sides of his personality and left fans confused (but totally in love)!

1. He’s sooo squishy…

…but squishies can still hurt you sometimes.

2. Come on, give Hoshi some kisses!

Beware, once you fall for him, there’s no escape.

3. He’s the king of adorable filters.

He’s also the king of having a charismatic and sexy stage presence. Go figure.

4. His expressions are so precious. What a baby!

His expressions on stage, however, are a different story!

5. What is this little hamster doing?!

…Wait, what happened to the hamster?

6. When Hoshi pouts, the whole world goes “Awww.”

But when he turns up the heat, it’s everyone for themselves.

7. Try to find anything cuter in the world than Hoshi crying. You will fail.

How is this the same person?!

8. You’ll fall for his cutie pie charms…

…and you’ll also fall for his “high school crush” charms.

9. This Hoshi just makes you want to pick him up and put him in your pocket…

…but this Hoshi just hits different.

10. If you look up “baby” in the dictionary, you might find this.

If you look up “heart attack,” Hoshi winking like this is sure to be there.