10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Proved That He’s Total Boyfriend Material

If we included everything, the list would be endless!

We’ve recently started an ongoing series looking into why each of the members of SEVENTEEN are undeniably boyfriend material, and today is Joshua‘s turn! Of course, any list like this is going to be incomplete since there are countless reasons that could be included, but we have to set some kind of limit. Therefore, here are 10 times that Joshua proved his status as total boyfriend material!

1. He looks so effortlessly handsome even when doing basic tasks.

2. He would make sure you’re never hungry.

3. Gaming dates together would be so much fun!

4. Anyone that looks this adorable and gentle with a puppy should automatically deserve this title.

5. He would always be happy to serenade you with his beautiful voice.

6. His fashion is always on point, and paired with his handsomeness, he would make a perfect model.

7. He’s gotten so buff lately, how can anyone resist looking? 👀

8. His bare-faced visuals are an absolute blessing that anyone would swoon over.

9. Traveling the world together would be such a fun adventure.

10. This about sums him all up in a few words!