Here’s A Look At How Incredibly Fair The Line Distributions For All 6 Songs On SEVENTEEN’s “; [Semicolon]” Album Are

Even with four partial-group songs, their lines are incredibly even!

SEVENTEEN recently came out with their new special album, ; [Semicolon], featuring the title song “Home;Run”. The 13-member group has become increasingly popular lately, and for good reason! All of their members are incredibly talented, and it shows in their line distributions. Even though some of the individual songs on this album are a little uneven, the fact that for the total line distributions the difference between the member with the most lines and the one with the least lines is only 3.5% is really impressive! Here’s a look at the individual song lines on the album, as well as the total lines, for each member.

1. “Home;Run”

Most lines: Jeonghan (10.4%)

2nd: DK (9.2%)

3rd: Mingyu (9.1%)

4th: Seungkwan (8.2%)

5th: Wonwoo (8.1%)

6th: Jun and Vernon (7.6%)

7th: Hoshi (7.4%)

8th: Dino (7.1%)

9th: Woozi (6.7%)

10th: S.Coups (6.4%)

11th: The8 (6.3%)

12th: Joshua (5.9%)

2. “Do Re Mi”

Most lines: Dino (35.4%)

2nd: Vernon (32.5%)

3rd: Seungkwan (32.1%)


Most lines: Mingyu (39.5%)

2nd: DK (34.7%)

3rd: The8 (25.8%)

4. “Light A Flame”

Most lines: Hoshi (29%)

2nd: Jun (25.1%)

3rd: Woozi (24.6%)

4th: Wonwoo (21.3%)

5. “AH! LOVE”

Most lines: Jeonghan (37.4%)

2nd: Joshua (34.1%)

3rd: S.Coups (28.5%)

6. “All My Love”

Most lines: DK (12.4%)

2nd: Woozi (11.6%)

3rd: Joshua (10.6%)

4th: Seungkwan (10.3%)

5th: Dino (9.1%)

6th: Jeonghan (7.8%)

7th: Jun & Wonwoo (6.2%)

8th: Vernon (6.1%)

9th: S.Coups (5.8%)

10th: Mingyu (5.3%)

11th: Hoshi (4.9)

12th: The8 (3.7%)


Most lines: DK (9.4%)

2nd: Jeonghan (9.3%)

3rd: Mingyu (9%)

4th: Dino (8.5%)

5th: Seungkwan and Joshua (8.4%)

6th: Vernon (7.7%)

7th: Woozi (7.2%)

8th: Hoshi (6.9%)

9th: S.Coups (6.8%)

10th: Jun (6.5%)

11th: The8 (6%)

12th: Wonwoo (5.9%)